Vision Board

Black Lives Matter Georgia /BLMG works in Savannah neighborhoods to build a brighter future for the city by investing in our most valuable resource: our people. By empowering individuals with the education, training, and support they need to find and keep family-sustaining employment, BLMG strengthens households and improves community well-being over the long term.

(1) Achievement through Counseling and Treatment /ACT

Helps individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted by substance abuse to develop a recovery program and move toward achieving their potential. We provide our clients the treatment, skills, support, resources, and alternative pharmacologic methods to accomplish these goals and to further enhance their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

(2) Career Strategies

Provides a guided approach to career change for those in all stages of career transition. We help individuals of all ages find meaningful, satisfying employment through tools and processes to unlock and present their skills, abilities, and interests. In addition, we have many employer connections and can assist with job placement for qualified job seekers.

(3) Career Strategies, Services for the returning citizens provides the returning citizens with a broad range of career and educational programs that are sensitive to situations inherent in returning to the community, including internships and year-round programs for all returning citizens.

(4) Center for New Americans

Helps refugees, asylums, and victims of trafficking prepare to enter the workforce, find satisfying jobs ranging from labor to professional positions, and become self-sufficient members of society. Additional Languages Spoken: Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu.

(5) Community Collaborative

Offers a range of community participation services and supports to provide social activities, social skills training, and community involvement to adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Services include individual plans according to interests and needs; trips to entertainment, sporting, and cultural events in the Savannah region; social interaction, relationship building, and social/emotional adjustment. Transportation is provided for community activities.

(6) Community Living and Home Supports

Provides a range of residential options to support independence and dignity, allowing individuals with a range of disabilities to achieve their full potential while living in the community of their choice. Options include community homes, LIfe Sharing, Supported Independent Living, and In-home Supports. Services support people with intellectual, developmental, and mental health disabilities.

(7) Looking Forward Savannah

Provides a wide array of social services and employment services designed to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of individuals returning from incarceration.

(8) Independence Network

Strives to empower young adults with disabilities in these co-ed communities so they can live independent and full lives with support. Communities are located in Savannah GA, Queens NY, Pittsburgh PA.

(9) hire Ability

Offers a variety of empowering, customized employment services to assist individuals living with intellectual disability, mental health disabilities, physical disabilities, or chronic diseases by preparing them for competitive employment and community integration. Services include assessment, job coaching, job placement, and school to career transition programs for young adults.

(10) Chatham Career Link

Provides comprehensive services for both job seekers and employers – providing skills and assistance to those seeking work while matching prescreened, qualified candidates to the area’s labor market.

(11) College Degree program offers a college degree program in partnership with South University on an online platform plus the personal coaching needed to stay on track to earn your degree and meet your career goals.

(12) Second chance intensive alternative to incarceration program for first-time, non-violent felony drug sellers, offering education, employment, restorative justice, community service, and supportive services.

(13) Integrated Behavioral Health

Assists individuals who have a range of psychiatric disabilities by promoting wellness, socialization, independence, community integration, and employment. Services include outpatient, day programming, Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, and Peer Support Services.

(14) Project BLM (Black Lives Matter)

Offers skills training, job placement assistance, and GED® /high school equivalency test preparation for Savannah youth ages 18–24. Students can choose from a variety of hands-on, job training options, such as in the high-demand career fields of building trades or computer technology.

(15) Technical College of the Low Country

Offers full-and part-time training diploma programs to assist people throughout the Greater Lowcountry area in obtaining the skills they need to begin careers in a variety of building trade professions. Career preparation for entry-level positions in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating; Plumbing and Heating; Building Maintenance; Residential and Commercial Electricity; and Carpentry plus job placement assistance.

(16) Technical College of the Low Country

Provides educational opportunities that include GED and/or diploma assistance, opportunities to find employment, and empowerment and life skills training to help Savannah’s youth (ages 16-24) develop the skills they need to get closer to the life they want.

(17) Work Ready

Provides a comprehensive set of employment-oriented services to those receiving public assistance benefits, including those who need specific help managing barriers to self-sufficiency.

Nonviolence Project/Nvp

Black Lives Matter Georgia is committed to nonviolent action across America. Blmg draws from the experiences of those who have suffered at the hands of violence…

We ask: what must our response be? And our answer- as tentative, grappling, searching, and seeking as it may be is that it falls upon us as citizens living in the communities across America to utilize all nonviolent means available to stand up against violence in any form – to engage the youths in schools and the community, most definitely; We must protest against violence by peaceful marches and protest against violence.

We must also move from protest to active nonviolent programming. Nonviolence cannot be a single-day event- it must be a commitment we make and act upon every day of our lives. What might this active nonviolent program look like? And how might we act in solidarity with community leaders all across America? By working with our children, teaching them the Nonviolent way of resolving conflicts.

Special Thanks

We at Black Lives Matter Georgia Inc. wish to say thanks to all of our donors. Without you guys, our mission would be very difficult. We are a small nonprofit and rely on the generosity of donors such as yourself. Your financial support makes it possible to help so many. Once again, Thank You.

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